I want ot have a system which is documenting automatically what I do

Google is recording what pages we look at, for how long.
Amazon is recording what books we are interesed in.

For me it would be great if I would have automatically documented what I do when.

Then I could answer questions like:

How much time in average per day do I browse the web?
How much time per week do I use for answering emails?
How much time per week/month do I use Openoffice to prepare a presentation?
How much time do I spend in Facebook?
When did I work for how long on what document?
For how long did I work on documents belonging to a certain project?
How is the distribution of my working hours?
What type of work do I get done at what time?

The data would be written by the user applications into the Nepomuk storage.

The questions would be answered by applications reading and analysing the data provided by the Nepomuk storage.

I personally at least want to know as much as possible about be. This raw data should not be stored in the cloud, but should be stored only on my computer which is in my posession.

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