to what people I work with does relate a document?

Sometimes I get a document from friends by email to look over it. I read them, make some edits to it and send it back to them.

As I do get the document as an attachement of an email, I first save the attached document in a folder. Usually this is a new folder reflecting the name of the sender of the document.
Then I start editing the document and save the edited version as a new document with a new name in the same directory as the received version.
Then I attach my edited version to the answer email I send to my friend.

It could be that my friend and I exchange several versions of the same document.
I store all of them with different version file names in the directory named after my friend.

For me it would be great if I could just attach a tag to each of those files that indicates that this file is relevant to this friend. No new directories with peoples names would be required. It would not matter where I store the document or what file name the document has.

I could use this people tag to FILTER for all files on my harddisk relevant to my friend.

I could filter for files relevant to one or some of the people I do have in my contact list.
This would make my live much easier finding the relevant documents when interacting with people or preparing a meeting with them.

anyone else wishing for such a feature?

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